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“Welcome to Shri Bhramaramba Pattina Souhrada Sahakari Ni, Maski, a growing sahakari in the Kalyana Karnataka area of Karnataka state which strives for the financial upliftment of the members. A product by the young Co-Operators, the Co-Operative started its functioning in 2000. The Co-Operative is registered under Karnataka state souhrada sahakari Act 1997; its head office is situated in Maski, Raichur, Karnataka. Due respect to the souhrada Co-Operative principles has made the Co-Operative to focus on continued growth.”

About Trust

Shri Bhramaramba charitable trust is the subsidiary institution of Shri Bhramaramba Pattina Souhrada Sahakari Ni, Maski, which is founded in accordance with section 15 of karnataka souhrada sahakari Act 1997. The prime motto of the trust is social commitment. ie. Concern for a community which is one of the cooperative principles.
Shri Bhramaramba charitable trust maski, being a socio-economic entity since inception it is performing various social activities in various platforms. To make these activates in a systematic & more meaningful way the trust was founded and officially inaugurated on 07.10.2016. The trust registered under the Indian trust Act 1882 and registration number 85/2016-17.

Sri Bhramaramba Charitable Trust

Trust has set forth the below objectives.

  •  Relief of the poor
  •  Education
  •  Medical Relief
  •  Preservation of Environment

Other Object of General Public Utility.

  1.  To promote, guide, manage, name, recognize and affiliate “Self Help Groups” or “Joint liability Group” of individuals engaged in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, animal husbandry, fishing, bee keeping, handicrafts, and village industries as an owner or worker for their mutual benefits.
  2.  To organize, promote, guide, manage, recognize and affiliate various units of “Self Help Groups” or “Joint Liability Groups” at village, hobli, taluk & district
  3. To organize and conduct programs for providing employment to youths on its own or in collaboration with other agencies or association


, About us, SBS Cooperative

Dr. Shivasharanappa Ithli

Managing Trustee

, About us, SBS Cooperative

Sri Prakash Dhariwal


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Sri Sharanappa C


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Sri Veeresh Hiremat

Secretary/ Trustee

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Sri Vijay Bhaskar Kosgi


Vision / Mission

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“To make brand “SBPSSN.MASKI” synonymous with trust and reliability, to provide excellence and personalized services and to contribute to Co-operative movement by making credit available to the customers and more particularly to Individuals and SMEs, thereby contributing to their growth, by striving to maintain Net NPAs at 0% level”.
, About us, SBS Cooperative


By the year 2023, SBPSSN.Maski aims to achieve the ambitious business target of Rs. 500 crores, profit of Rs. 5 crores, Low-cost deposit ratio of 20%, CD ratio of 75%, gross NPAs to be maintained below 2%, Net NPAs at ‘0%’ and 10 branch and ATM network
Cooperative has set an ambitious target of Rs.500 crores business by the end of March 2023.

Awards & Achievements

Bhramaramba Co-operative Society President & CEO has received the award of “BEST CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY AWARD-2011”
From Shri H. K Patel, President of Urban Co-operative Bank, on the occasion of 58th “Akhila Bharatha Sahakar Saptaha-2011” at sirasi on 17th Nov 2011, with presence Educational Minister Shri Vishaweshwara Hegade Kagere.

Bhramaramba Co-operative Society President has received the award of “SAHAKARA RATNA AWARD-2022”
From Shri S. T Somashekhar, Co-operative minister Govt of Karnataka, on the occasion of 69th “Akhila Bharatha Sahakar Saptaha-2022” at Sedam on 14th Nov 2022, with presence Chief Minister Shri Basavaraj Bommai.